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Pretty Life Glitters
Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Heart Of Jewel

Why do I keep going talking about heart of jewel, heart of jewel? There is always a reason to the answer. I fell in love with heart of jewel at first sight and he really blew me off with his amazing beauty, internal and external. I always long to be with him no matter what, always hoping to leave this sorrowful singapore and go to somewhere else better and one of them is definitely my heart of jewel. Let me introduce my heart of jewel, where I belong!

Welcome to Tavarua
Tavarua is a tiny heart-shaped jewel of an island among the hundreds that comprise the Fijian Chain. This island paradise, however, was not spared from the territorial battles that were common in the South Pacific. Tavarua Island is approximately 29 acres in area, depending on the tide, and is surrounded by an elaborate coral reef. It is approximately a 30-minute boat ride from the Fijian main island of Viti Levu, and is situated on the southwestern edge of Fiji's vast barrier reef system.
The weather is South Pacific tropical with a dryer period from April-October. November through March is a wetter, warmer time, but can also offer lighter winds and cleaner conditions. The surf is most consistent in the winter months (May-September) but can be excellent year-round, with the summer period offering the occasional hurricane swell along with the more consistent ground swells.
The Resort
Tavarua Island Resort offers a unique experience for surfers and non-surfers alike. A typical day might include a healthy breakfast of our own island papayas amongst other items, some surfing, snorkeling or scuba diving on the beautiful coral reefs and delicious freshly-caught fish for lunch. Then onto more surfing or fishing excursions and maybe some sashimi if you get lucky. If there is any energy left, volleyball or a set of tennis on the championship-size tennis court. Finally, cocktails by the pool or in the spa to wind down and enjoy a magnificent South Pacific sunset before dinner.
Originally discovered in 1979 by David and Jeannie Clark, Tavarua has held its allure to big wave surfers from all over the world in large part due to its "perfect" wave, Cloudbreak. Tavarua, one of the tiny islands in a chain that is situated near one of the largest disturbance centers on earth like the Tasman Sea, is a direct beneficiary of the waves generated because of it. The Clarks envisioned a low-key resort that would neither exploit nor conflict with the environment or the Fijian culture but harmoniously blend into the tropical paradise.
Working with the traditional chiefly owners, Tavarua has grown from "surf camp" to a cozy island resort for everyone. It maintains the aura of Fijian culture, perpetuating ceremonial Kava rituals, Fijian friendliness and folklore, and traditional dance ceremonies. Recent upgrades have added to the island's lodging and amenities, broadening the appeal of surfers and non-surfers alike. The resort is one of the only such establishments in its area that generously gives aid to the surrounding villages in which it operates. This aid includes various infrastructure projects, scholarship programs and medical education and assistance.
Water sports varies from surfing to scuba diving to fishing to many more. For water sports lovers like me, will definitely fall in love with the jewel.

Can you actually believe it? Its shaped exactly like a heart, how sweet. I wanna book my tickets soon! Come along with me, you'll love it there and not wanna go back to wherever you came from. I'll show you some pictures of Tavura now and do sit back and enjoy every single piece of art.

My Beloved
Heart Of Jewel


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Fashion Of The Day

She kissed at 9:20 AM |

Ways To Preserve Memories

An element of online relationships that can be missing in real life relationships is the ability to record almost all aspects of the relationship. If stored and saved, you have the makings of a wonderful keepsake to look on and cherish for years to come. Below are a few ideas for preserving the memories of your online relationship.
Cyber Scrapbook
If you know HTML you may want to create a virtual scrapbook. You can start by making a timeline of how you met and fell in love. Include significant events such as your first phone call, your first in person meeting, etc.
Love Journal
A love journal is the perfect solution for recording or keeping love poems, letters and written correspondence. Some online couples each start a journal to record their thoughts about each other. Then, after a month or so, they swap journals through the mail.
Photo Collages
When you're far away from your love, you can never get enough of their image. With this in mind, take a group of your favorite photos and make a photo collage out of it. For a big impression, take the collage your local photocopying center and have them enlarge it to poster size.
Memories Poster
Following the same idea as the photo collage, gather a few favorite pictures, love letters, poems, etc. On a large piece of poster/tag board arrange the items artfully. When finished roll it up and send it to your partner in tube shaped box. You may also want to have the poster laminated for safekeeping.
Book of Love
Gather every piece of correspondence you and partner have maintained. Search through old instant message histories you may have. Dig through old e-mails. Find old love letters. Print everything out, and arrange in a chronological order. Then arrange the data to make your book of love. You could use the printed sheets as the actual pages of the book, or you can adhere them to a photo album or scrapbook.

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Poem Of The Day

My Saviour
All by myself
Alone in the dark
Longing for someone to share my heart
Drowning in sorrow
Crying in vain
Hoping this heart will love again
Waiting with a handful of broken dreams
Nothing in my life was what it seemed
Betrayed, fooled, hurt and scared
I was sure that no one really cared
Alone in the dark
I prayed and prayed
For someone to take away this pain
For once for someone to love me true
Then god answered my prayers and gave me you
I don't know how you did or what you did
How could you possibly love me like this
How did you take away all my fears
How did you make all the tears disappear
Now that I know you're always there
About my past, I no longer care
My life no longer seems like a mess
With a love like yours
I know I am blessed
You gave my life meaning
You made me complete
Lying in your arms
I feel so much at ease
Now my world is a much brighter place
Because in your arms I know I am safe
Now I have everything I've ever needed
Because you love me the way I've always dreamed of
You're my love
My dream
My world
My saviour
And for you
No matter what
I'll always be here.

She kissed at 9:06 AM |

Quote Of The Day

"I might be drowning in the river of pain today, but I hope you'll save me with your love tomorrow."

She kissed at 8:51 AM |

Hate it!

All thanks to Desmond, who woke me u this morning. For your information it is only 830am now! Yes before 11!!! Thank you Des, you rock! All da best for your exams too sweety! Yeah Im gonna start dating my books at 9am, he will be waiting for me at the whatever place. So for now, my cell and lappy are still working because I have yet to kill them, for temporary! haha... For those who are reading it, I wish you have a good and awesome day ahead. The day is lovely, with the sun shining bright above and lastly God bless all my love ones! Keep smiling...

She kissed at 8:38 AM |
Monday, February 27, 2006


Melissa, Rhys, QY1 and QY2! The best cranky buddies in high school. It brings a smile to my face whenever I think of it, especially during Mrs Queenie Ng's classes. And you can definitely hear tstuffs like,
"Hey Violet, shut up la, talk non stop!" But I gave her kisses in the end! hahahahaha
"Hey Rhys, read this question and answer it! NOW!!!"
"Melissa can you please stop doing other stuffs during my lessons!"
"QianYi! Can you stop moving around and shifting places from this seat to another!"
Hahaha, last year of high school was full of fun, especially with outgoing peeps and cool teachers who are easy and fun to bully! Oops!!!
Sorry I took so long to post it, because I just got the pictures from Mel. Let me introduce my good buddies in high school.
Live it up to Melissa In Pink, the mature woman! WooHoo, I cant wait to attend your wedding soon, you made me wanna lala!
Secondly to QianYi in white, the sweet good looking lady! She is QY1 and Im definitely QY2! Babe, I missed calling you that actually!
Lastly, to Rhys in red!!! The cool one among us! woooo...
Its been so freaking long since we last met, Mel organised a gathering for us to meet up and chill and chat chat and chat non stop! hell yeah, the talkative bunch! I love them. We went for pepper lunch, food was not bad though. Rhys and Mel, QY1 and QY2 wanna steal your food, because it was so much better than ours! Shopped around town for nice clothes and conversation again. Overall the day went really great, how I wish mel can stay longer in singapore and screw that Shanghai trip! I love you buddies...

She kissed at 11:46 PM |

Poem Of The Day

Participle Of Love
Hint of your name hanging in the breeze
Whistling in my ear this moonlit night
Dangling like a participle under my breath
Forever seeking to have you in my life
Hoping someday you will become my wife
Scent of your perfume filling my nose
Wafting through the air without a care
Leading me ever on towards destiny
Overwhelming my senses and my soul
Wanting always to help you feel whole
Sensing your presence from deep within
Feeling your lovers touch with my heart
Grasping at reality overwhelmed with desire
Craving your magical lust filled touch
Knowing that I will never have enough
Feeling your hands upon my hips
Hot breath upon the back of my neck
Your hot hands slipping around my waist
Our bodies driven to burn white hot
Wanting always to give each other all we got
Our souls entwined within our deepest passion
Finding way upon way of pleasing each other
Legs around hips, hands touching, and lips locked
Eyes focused on one another as we make love
Our lives guided, destined, brought together from above

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Quote Of The Day

"The best things in life come without a price tag."

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Result Of Dating Books

I fucking hate books! But I have to keep going to achieve my dream.. Im currently dating them now but Im gonna dump him soon! I hate it. Actually no! Dad and Mom whinned, "GIRL, MUST LOVE YOUR BOOKS!" LOL.Well I said before, I hate school yet I attend all my classes. And this is what I do.. Before and After! hahahaha
Oops I did it again! All right, I gotta go switch off my lappy, the sweet television and my baby cell. Disturb me not darlings.

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Jordan Airport Jordan

Whenever I think of Jordan, I will tend to think of airport. Because that was the last time we met as one. I dont care where are we standing now, all I know there are only two months left. I dont care what we gonna do, or who you mix around with, I just wanna enjoy myself with you for the next two months. Because I will have no idea when are we meeting next. Yeah we are just close friends for now, I actually missed the past though. I regretted one thing, one thing. Only Violet knows, no one will know about that little secret and I will not reveal a single shit too, not even if Jordan asks. Thats the only one thing I regretted in my life. How I wish I could turn back time again, but I think everything is too late. I guess I shouldnt have...

We met up today at the airport, how nice of him to accompany me to date my fucking books. Burger King wasnt a nice place to study, so we went elsewhere, yes other cafes. Had a conversation over tea and muffins. It was great as usual. Seeing him brought a smile to my face and he trimmed his hair. Well yes he looks great as always. Dammit, I forgot to take some pictures with him, the cam was in my bag all along!!! Oh by the way did I mention we went to the beach for a while, yeah its been long since I last went to ECP. The feeling is back... Im gonna make these two months a well spent one, the best thing is that Im on holidays! Thanks for yesterday,I had a great time and you made my heart skipped a beat. ;)

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sweet November

Keanu Reeves as Nelson
Charlize Theron as Sara
Jason Isaacs as Chad
He is November, Sara's only month. A woman who invites different men each month to live with her, falls in love with a man who shows up one November. Each month free-spirited Sara Deever starts a new relationship. Her task is to take a month to make one man become a better person, and then she moves on. When November rolls around and Sara targets the busy tycoon, Nelson Moss, she does not plan on falling in love. But they do, and as a result, Nelson learns the painful secret behind the brevity of Sara's romances. Imagine standing along the bridge planted with flowers, being blindfolded, and not seeing your love one go. Go forever and not coming back to you. Every year, every month, everyday, every minutes and every seconds is November to them. Get your Kleenex ready on your side...

I really don't believe how people thought Sweet November was a bad movie. I found a lot of good points with it. First, I haven't seen a lot of love movies so this could be refreshing if it's the first one and it's not necessarily bad if it's been done before. Sure, it might get boring but you have to learn to see it in a different light, and excuse the pun, but isn't that what this movie's all about? I really liked Charlize Theron in this movie and she looks absolutely cute. They are a perfect couple and it's not one of those sappy love stories. I think this movie was about the strength that comes from love and how it helps us to live our everyday lives. And the theme is all about getting people to relax and taking the time to smell the roses, or in this case, watching a movie and relaxing once in a while. Or taking the time to fall in love. It's worth your while.

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Quote Of The Day

"Love knows not distance; it hath no continent; its eyes are for the stars."

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5 Secrets To Staying In Love

Just about everyone wants to know how they can make their relationship better. They want to know how they can deepen the commitment and love between each partner. Unfortunately relationships are not something you can provide a "to do" sheet for and all will be solved, but with these five key secrets you can certainly improve your chances for getting all you desire out of your relationship.
Do things unexpectedly
One key secret to a successful relationship is compromise. Meeting halfway on things shows your partner that you really do care about their viewpoint and you are willing to work on making each other happy. Every so often make it a point to do something that you normally would not agree to or feel like doing. When you keep your partner constantly surprised by your actions, you regenerate that "new love" feeling time and time again. So, when your partner asks if you want to try that new restaurant, say yes! If they ask if you want to try a new hobby, say yes!
Show your loyalty
Nothing strengthens a relationship quite like watching your partner go to bat for you, especially against close friends or family members. It shows that you consider your relationship a team. If you harass one member of a team, you harass them all. When you side with other people against your partner you make them feel alienated and the seeds of hidden resentment become planted. You can show loyalty positively as well by bragging about your partner's recent accomplishments to friends and family.
Be supportive
Challenges and opportunities are always going to occur. You can't stop them from happening. Hopefully for both of you the changes in your lives are positive ones. The secret key here is having a supporting and understanding mate in your corner to help you through your ups and downs. If you lose your job, it's quite a bit easier to bounce back when you have someone who's willing to support your choices and any new directions you might want to branch out to. If you want a career or lifestyle change, imagine the difference having someone who will carefully consider and support those changes? When your partner is presenting you with a challenge or an opportunity, treat them the way you'd want to be treated.
Maintain a healthy dose of individuality
Personal time and space are essential to growing individually. Everyone one needs private time to do the things they want to do. It helps refocus attention to the priorities. Sometimes you or your partner may just need time to release emotions from a bad day, instead of bringing it home with them. Learning to respect and notice when your partner needs some individual time shows that you are committed to not only your relationship, but their long-term happiness as well.
Love your partner
Love is obviously a crucial element in a successful long-term relationship. But having love isn't enough. You need to be in love. The phrase "love is a verb, not a noun" certainly applies here. Don't hesitate to write that quick love note, give that deep kiss, sit next to each other at a restaurant or hold hands in public. The little things go a long way towards establishing a deep, intimate connection with your partner. As simple as it sounds, this action is probably the most commonly overlooked and ignored.

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Fashion Of The Day

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Quote Of February 2006

"They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself"

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Please Move On

All your deeds are abhorrent. Dont be a kid all right, its all over and I want nothing to do with you anymore. Stop messing with me anymore, Im getting really sick and tired of it. As for moving on, I did that long ago and I realised I let the wrong one go. I will never turn back time, because I enjoyed myself and they will remain as beautiful memories, so please dont ruin it. But if you wanna stoop so low just to ruin me and that makes you happy, go ahead all right, because I will not take a word you say anymore. Go ahead and ruin me if that makes you happy, you can have the key to the lock, Im totally sick of it.

Memories will always remain as memories, beautiful once. Once bitten twice shy, I'll take that as an experience and an eye opener like what you said. You are right, I cant stop you from bitcing bad about me behind my back, if you do, that shows how "gentleman" you are though. Things have been going well since we went our separate ways and I am really happy this way. I should thank you for that anyway. I hope you'll stop all your nonsense soon, that will be on my wishlist. I take back what I said and vice versa. We call it quits from now, everything came to an end already, its all over and I dont want you in my life anymore. Thank you, I wish you all the best and goodbye...

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Beautiful Blog By Jocy

Ever wonder why my blog is so beautiful?
Why is it beautifully done?
Because I want it this way, simple and sweet and Jocy did it to what I want. She learnt HTML in school, and HTML makes me sick. How awesome is that, why is my blog so beautiful? All thanks to Jocy. Jocy, thanks a lot, it must have been a lot of trouble. I really appreciate what you've done for me and the result turned out to be really hot. Lets live it up to the sweety darling of mine, JOCY TAN!! Thank you so much....
Go check out her eyes, she is making me jealous of her fucking long eye lashes! You meanie!

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Gift Of Singlehood

This is where I always belong. Yes Singlehood! And hey yes Im back to singlehood and Im really glad being back home with no restrictions and whatever.
When I was five, I wanted cookies. When I was 10, I wanted to go everywhere adults go. At age 16 I wanted a later curfew, an invitation to the prom, a driver's license and the keys to the car. The endless list of things I've desired over the years has included: a college degree, a tan, a job, a better job, a raise, a boyfriend, a better boyfriend, a husband, a baby, health, a better relationship with my parents, a better relationship with God, and world peace.
Currently, I'm finding myself wanting more time, more sleep, more storage space, and well... cookies. Such is life. We graduate from one desire to the next. We live in a constant state of wanting. We are creatures of want.
Wanting, focusing on goals, is a positive thing. It can help us grow. A baby's desire for a toy that is out of reach motivates him to learn to crawl. But wanting can also have a negative effect. Focusing on a future goal can take your focus away from the here and now. Being distracted from your current situation can rob you of the potential that the moment holds. It doesn't matter if what you want is noble, worthy, and provides positive benefit. If it causes you to ignore the present, it has this negative aspect.
The Lonely Cookie
If the object of your desire is marriage, you might be spending a lot of time concerned about the future. You may feel like real life is still waiting for you, out there, after you meet your soul mate. The life you are living now is a stopgap until your number is called and you get to walk down the aisle to your brand new life, the life you are focused on, the life you want.
The danger in this situation is that you could miss seeing the potential that lies in the current moment. This danger, of focusing on what we want to the detriment of recognizing the potential of our current situation, exists more for singles than for other individuals who don't have what they want. No want is equal to the desire of a significant other when it comes to how society views us, and how we view ourselves.
It means alone, apart from the object of your desire. When you look at any other group that is without their object of desire, they are not called "alone." Would you ever describe someone who wanted a cookie as lonely?
And that's why it's so crucial to realize: The current situation, looking for your soul mate, has a certain potential for growth that will never exist again at any other time in life. Right now is an opportunity. Right now is a gift.But if you are too focused on getting hitched, you may miss taking advantage of this precious time in your life.
What's The Point
The first step in realizing the potential of the moment is to appreciate that there are no accidents. You are not single by accident. There has to be a reason, a purpose. God can work things out. God is all good. He has decided that right now, this is the best thing for you. So if he isn't working things out the way you'd like, there must be meaning and potential in your current situation.
During this stage of singlehood we discover our need to give. And this is the time for developing our desire to give. This is the "now" of being single. Singlehood is the time to develop the craving, the absolute burning desire to give. This is where the pain of being single comes from. Developing an awareness of this need to give, and not having the fullest opportunity to express it.
Real giving means to look at what the other person needs. Learning to understand a person's real needs is the primary skill required for a successful marriage. Giving is only meaningful when it takes into consideration what the receiver needs, not what you want or are able to give. When you focus on the needs of others you are developing sensitivity toward them. You grow into the other person's world and begin to understand them on a very deep level.
Singlehood is the time to practice becoming a giver. Look around you for opportunities to develop as a giver. Are there poor people? Sick? An elderly neighbor? A lonely relative? Get out of your mindset and see how the other person thinks. This is the first step towards meaningful giving, to becoming the greatest "you" -- in preparation for your soul mate.
Now is the time....

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She kissed at 3:01 PM |

Differences By Genuine

My whole life has changed
Since you came in, I knew back then
You were that special one
I'm so in love, so deep in love

You make my love complete
You are so sweet, no one competes
Glad you came into my life
You blind me with your love
With you I have no sight

Girl, you open me, I'm wide open
And I'm doing things I never do
But I feel so good, I feel so good
Why it takes so long for me finding you

This is my story and I'm telling you
It's not fiction, it's surely a fact
Without you right here having my back
I really don't know just where I'd be at

I analyzed myself, I was buck wild
Never thought about settling down
But all the time I knew I was ready
But not with all my friends around

But girl, I put you first now
You made me, helped mold me
Turned me into a man, I'm so responsible
And I owe it all to you

My whole life has changed
Since you came in, I knew back then
You were that special one
I'm so in love, so deep in love
You make my love complete

Posting this has got no meaning to whoever. I just simply find this lyrics superly duperly sweet and Im loving it! =)

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Beautiful Love

She kissed at 1:14 PM |

About Me

* . . About You . . *
Eye Color::Dark brown
Hair Color::Brunette!
Height::5 ft 4, I admit Im short!
Favorite Color::I always love the combination of black and pink
Screen Name::MissViolette
Favorite Band::CrossBred, CQuence
Favorite Movie::The Notebook. Any movies will be considered as my fave as long as it makes me cry..
Favorite Show::Simple Life, American Top Model, Survivor, Amazing Race!
Your Car::Im driven!
Your Hometown::5 miles away from Tavarua
Your Present Town::SillyPore
Your Crushes First Name::Jonathan! He snatched my crayons though..
Your Grade::You dont wanna know ;)
Your Style::Simply me!
* . . Have You Ever . . *
Sat on your rooftop?:Yeah it was awesome!
Kissed someone in the rain?:Woo that was really romantic
Danced in a public place?:Yeah it was fun, It was a dare though!
Smiled for no reason?:Hell yeah, I always smile!!
Laughed so hard you cried?:Of course!
Peed your pants after age 8?:Yeah when I was eight and a half, teacher didnt allow me to go to the bathroom then! How crude!!
Written a song?:Yeah to my crushes and besties!
Sang to someone for no reason?:Yeah I always do.. so Be my friend honey!
Performed on a stage?:Yeah performing as a tree! LOL
Talked to someone you don't know?:Of course, make love not war!!
Gone out of your way to befriend someone?:Oops I did it again!
Made out in a theatre?:Woo that was hot!
Gone roller skating since 8th grade?:I cant skate for god's sake! I'll try again
Been in love?:Whats Love
* . . Who was the last person to . . *
Say HI to you?:Paul on YM
Tell you, I love you?:My dad and mom! They kissed me good night, how sweet!
Kiss you?:Mariusz! with a lot of kisses,am I right Mariusz?
Hug you?:Mariusz again!!
Tell you BYE?:Yann because he boss was calling him!
Write you a note?:Paul, all the way from New Jersey! how sweet
Take your photo?:Kim! She shot me when I was sleeping.. Naughty her!!
Call your cell phone?:Mr Grey, to crap with me!
Buy you something?:My bestie bought me a message in a bottle!!
Go with you to the movies?:Been very busy lately, but soon this weekend!!
Sing to you?:My brother!!
Write a poem about you?:Jordan..
Text message you?:Michael wished me goofy morning!!
Touch you?:My littlest brother, he hugged me to sleep! SO sweett!!!
* . . What's the last . . *
Time you laughed?:Yesterday when Mariusz made me laugh!
Time you cried?:When my ex dumped me, but who cares I deserve better!
Movie you watched?:I dont remember the past!
Joke you told?:About this blonde who misdirected in Disneyland!
Song you've sang?:I love Jesus!!
Time you've looked at the clock?:This morning
Drink you've had?:Milky..
Number you've dialed?:Mr Grey's!
Book you've read?:Cosmopoliton
Food you've eaten?:Cereal and Milk! Awesome!
Flavor of gum chewed?:Mint and Strawberry!!
Shoes you've worn?:Bedroom Slippers, cute though!
Store you've been in?:Magazine shop!
Thing you've said?:Bye mom!
* . . Can You . . *
Write with both hands?:Of course!
Whistle?:No I cant for God's sake!
Blow a bubble?:Im capable!
Roll your tounge in a circle?:Yeah, does that makes me a great kisser?
Cross your eyes?:Fortunately!
Touch your tounge to your nose?:Oops, I will try that again!
Dance?:Woo yeah, lets party together!
Stay up a whole night without sleep?:Im able to do that!
Speak a different language?:Of course!
Impersonate someone?:Oops I did it again!!
Prank call people?:Used not, not anymore unless its for real FUN!!!
Make a card pyramid?:Yeah I can do it!
Cook anything?:Does frying an egg considered?
* . . Finish The Line . . *
If i were a ...:air stewardess, it makes my life happier! =)
I wish ...:for world peace! There are so many people dying which hurts me!
So many people don't know that ...:Im born a romantic and a stubborn chick!
I am ...:a friendly girl who doesnt bite! So I am cool with meeting new peeps around!!
My heart is ...:born again. Its not worth tearing my heart into pieces for someone who aint worth! Like what Mariusz stated...

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Love me or hate me. I don't take shit from bitchy girls. I hate Valentine's Day! I hate the world but I love my life. I wanna earn big bucks and get away because I deserve a better place where I call my own! I'm a thinker. I belong in the socal life. I love the beach. Extreme sports lover! I believe in hardwork when it comes to getting what u want. I do what I want thats why I hate restrictions in life. I love going to parties and party till I drop. I hate school yet i go to all my classes. Music is really important to me it helps me to get away from this world. I'm da sensitive one though. I am willing to try almost everything at least once, because I don't believe you can have an opinion of something u never tried. I pee in public pools. I hate people who talk on their cell phones when I'm around I swear. I enjoy the little things in life. Real happiness is to smile when your heart is open for it. I don't believe in luck. I spent most of my life needing to be in control of my destiny, only to discover that if you live your life with positivity and keep an open mind, things really can take care of themselves. I love chocolates and ice cream!! I hate people who call me before 11 am. I take forever to get ready and am always 10 minutes late. I hate obnoxious people, ignorant people who try to talk shit on subjects they know nothing about, mean drunks, fights, drama, and people that have no respect. I am genuine and loyal to those deserving. Party hard and dance for your life. Im still young enough to get away with things!!

I want to some how work my way into the airlines. So hard, but its my dream! I wanna meet my dream =)

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